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Volunteer Salute

Ryan McCormick

Ryan McCormick, a lanky junior at Lafayette College, selected the summer grant-writing internship at the Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley, an opportunity he saw posted on the Lafayette job site. 

“It’s obvious that you guys do a lot of good work, and are dedicated to it, “ says Ryan, who grew up in Asbury, NJ, with a father who’s a recording engineer for a television station and a mother who teaches art at a local school, and also paints.

“I wanted to do something that built toward, and off, both of my majors, economics and English,” he notes. “The grant-writing position appealed to me, in part because I wanted to take my writing out of the classroom.  I figured I could get better at it, learn how to do grant writing, and have some impact, do something positive. I have enjoyed working on grants, talking about what we’re applying for, how we fit into the grantor’s interests, and crafting an appropriate proposal.”

After college, Ryan’s dream would be to write essays about the economy—and make a living.

He also plays baseball for the Easton Falcons in the Blue Mountain League in the summer. He grins. “This is a good change for me, since my batting average isn’t so great this year.” 

To learn about volunteer opportunities at the Cancer Support Community, contact Becky Morgan at or 610-861-7555.