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Volunteer Salute

Deb Post

How do you know when you’re “ready?” Ready to take a next step, a different step? How do you know when the time is right?

That’s what Deb Post wondered. She’d stopped working three years ago, and she adored her new life. She had lived such a chaotic one as the manager of a bustling Gap store in Edison, NJ that she was still basking in the joy of no longer working crazy hours, driving three hours each day, or missing her teenage children and her husband. Now, she could putter around her house, attend to her family, take the classes she wanted, and volunteer as she chose.

She chose to volunteer for the Cancer Support Community’s Wings of Hope last year. For seven  months, she was consumed with the festive event’s details, but she always knew it would be over, and she’d have many months to herself again, time she truly valued.

The first thing she had done after leaving the Gap was to take a medical terminology class at Northampton Community College, where her teacher, Sue Manela, another Cancer Support Community volunteer, urged her to attend the Wings of Hope. The event turned Deb into a volunteer.

“Volunteering gave me what I wanted,” she says, her dark eyes sparkling. “It let me have balance in my life, but let me become involved in something meaningful.”

But as the years passed, she also began to wish for something more, even as she worried about losing the hard-won balance she’d sought.  And then, as luck would have it, the position of events coordinator at the Cancer Support Community opened. While it took the Cancer Support Community staff only two seconds to know it wanted Deb, it took Deb a bit longer to say yes.

“I realized that I wanted to spread my own wings. It was time, but I knew it had to be the right organization,” she says, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear. “I love Wings of Hope. And I love the staff, but, believe me, I wouldn’t have done this, if I didn’t believe in what the Cancer Support Community does. It’s that simple.”

Deb flicks a thread off her grey shawl.  “Here, I can make a difference. I know that the events that I’m charged with running are critical to helping us raise the money we need to keep doing what we do. They need to work.” Deb stands. “I can make them work.”

Is that how you know if you’re ready?