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Gentle Movement


Research suggests that many cancer patients benefit from exercise because it reduces stress, rebuilds strength post-treatment and reduces treatment-related fatigue and nausea. Training in gentle, appropriate movement techniques like Yoga and Tai Chi are conducted by qualified instructors and are tailored to meet the needs of individuals at all levels of ability.

  • Yoga
    Tuesday, 9:30 - 10:45 am
    Instructor: Camille Llewellyn, RYT, Kripalu and Phoenix Rising Yoga
    Practice mild stretching and deep breathing to accompany the many poses. No experience necessary.

    Monday, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
    Instructor: Deborah Ketter, ERYT 500, Certified Level 1 iRest®
    Our minds in a constant state of flux, through overwhelming busy schedules and negative thoughts that prevent us from feeling fully alive and vibrantly healthy.  iRest® is a form of yoga therapy (deep relaxation) where a guide takes you on a journey to the center of the self where you feel peaceful and totally at ease. The practice of iRest® brings many physical and mental benefits through a meditative discipline of self-inquiry to achieve equanimity, stability and love.

  • T'ai Chi
    Thursday, 10:45 - 11:45 am
    Instructor: Ann Morris, BA, MLS
    T'ai Chi is a whole-body exercise system and can be a means of personal transformation. Gentle postures are used to help reduce stress and fatigue, develop mental relaxation and physical stamina, and regain hope and a sense of active participation in an individual's own quest for wellness. No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Moving Meditation
    Thursday, 9:30 - 10:30 am
    Instructor: David Nemeroff
    Qigong (pronounced chee gung) is a Chinese system of self-maintenance, self-healing and increasing vitality through cultivating the Chi, the vital energy in all things. Qigong includes specific postures, some moving and some stationary, breathing methods and exercises to improve focus while reducing stress. Some of the Qigong practices help increase energy, some help to circulate the Chi, and others are used to cleanse and strengthen the body. The movements in Qigong are soft and gentle, allowing for even the physically challenged to participate at their own pace. Although Qigong is not a magic pill, research has shown that regular and consistent practice can enhance the immune system, reduce hypertension, and aid in digestive and other natural processes.

  • Danse Orientale with Tahya
    1st Wednesday of month, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
    Instructor: Tahya
    Participate in mudra & movement designed to kindle your creative spirit for relaxation & healing. Explore a myriad of gestures steeped in women's history for healing, joy and vitality, reconnecting with our deeper selves (and each other), increasing individual creativity and reviving one's health & well being. No prior experience needed to participate.

  • Pilates
    see calendar for bi-monthly dates
    Instructor: Sheryl Gerkovich, a certified Stott Pilates Instructor
    Pilates is a mind-body program that focuses on coordinating upper and lower extremity movement while stabilizing the deep muscles of the torso. This is accomplished through a broad series of exercises performed slowly, with control and with emphasis on quality movement vs. quantity. The Stott Pilates mat program is based on rehab and exercise science principles, and it emphasizes safe body mechanics and eliminates or modifies high risk moves. Modifications are used to accommodate for any weakness or to increase the challenge as needed.

  • Zumba Gold
    see calendar for specific dates
    Instructor: Sheryl Gerkovich
    Zumba Gold, known as the Zumba for beginners of all ages, is not just for women! If you've shied away from Zumba, rest assured that Zumba Gold can work for you. Combine fitness and Latin rhythms in an energetic, but low impact workout. Be ready to shake your booty with the cha cha cha and more.

Creative Expression

  • Creative Expression
    2nd and 4th Tuesday of month, 11:00 - 12:30 pm
    Facilitator: Jett Ulaner Sarachek, MA, ATR-BC, LPC.
    The American Art Therapy Association states that, ultimately, the art therapy process should help participants move from isolation to connection, from powerlessness to personal empowerment, and from denial to hope. We will use different media… such as collage, colored pencils, craypas, and paint to create artwork that will support healing, mindfulness and wellness.
  • Jewelry Making
    1st and 3rd Monday of month, 12:00 - 2:00 pm
    Please join in the companionship, creativity and stress relief while creating something wonderful. Supplies will be provided.

  • Journaling
    see calendar for specific dates
    Facilitated by Jen Sinclair, M.Ed, NCC, LPC.
    The writing workshop is now open to cancer survivors and caregivers. Journaling can be a helpful, unique method to reduce stress and express thoughts and feelings. During this bi-weekly workshop group members will learn creative writing techniques to further promote their well being while engaging their imagination. Bring a packed lunch for an afternoon of writing and sharing. Light refreshments will be provided.

Meditative Practices

  • Heart Rhythm Meditation
    see calendar for specific dates
    Instructor: Kate Lampe, MA, LPC
    By synchronizing the heart and breath, meditators learn to deal with the stress of
    treatment and recovery. In this one-day seminar you will have simple instructions for heart rhythm meditation, group practice, and a special computer program that gives a visual display of heart rhythms and heart rate variability. This process helps the body to operate at its highest level of efficiency, known as coherence. When we learn to achieve coherence our bodies can relax and heal from trauma.

  • Exploring the Labyrinth
    see calendar for walks
    Instructor: Deb Ketter
    Walk the labyrinth path in this centuries-old meditation practice.

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