Notes of Hope for January

Debra’s Story

“I learned some things from this experience. I don’t fear things before they happen. If I had anxiously thought about this death, I would have denied myself the joy of our last year together.”  ~ Debra Storm

Debra Storm thinks about her relationship with cancer. She knew it was a difficult disease, but she also knew—from her sister’s and her mother’s experiences—that it could be gotten through.  A mountain to be climbed, a river to be forged. Rough, but doable.

Deb, development director at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts for the past 10 years, didn’t only watch the disease from the sidelines. She has participated. Twenty years ago, she donated stem cells to one of her four sisters who was diagnosed with leukemia. And now her sister lives a vital, happy life.  Then, 10 years later, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was hard, of course, but after a single mastectomy, she, too, was well.

“That was my experience with cancer,” nods Deb. “You face it, and you get through it. It’s tough, but you get over it. Finally, it fades into the background and becomes a talking point.”

And then Frank, her husband of just a year, was diagnosed with cancer. They’d been together six years and had finally decided to marry. It was a gorgeous, blissful marriage. He was, in fact, the man she’d always wanted. Debra’s story continues here.

Really, Really Relevant
Childhood Cancer with a Temporary Miracle

Notes from the Program Director
Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be one day, nor should it only be geared to others. Many of us can compliment a good friend or say, “I love you” to someone we hold dear, but we find it harder to turn those loving messages inward.

How do you show unconditional love for yourself? Upcoming programs will help you develop skills to make you feel both important and in control.

Think about yourself, too, so you can have a happy, healthy, loving 2017.

Jen Sinclair, program director

Hello from the Exec Director
I have some love (and two pieces of news) to share!  

We’re launching free monthly breakfast meetings with Breast Friends of PA starting Tues., Feb. 21, and thereafter on the third Tuesday of every month from 8:30-9:30 am at our offices. At the Breakfast Club, you’ll meet women who, like you, have been affected by breast cancer. RSVP.

We're also working with our other new partner, the Phillipsburg Cancer Survivor Network, so that we can carry out Mike Nardella’s vision of providing emotional support in a friendly environment for cancer patients and their caregivers in the Phillipsburg community:

  • Wed., March 8, 5:30-7 pm
  • Sleep Management     
  • Thur., March 16, 6-7:30 pm
    People Living with Cancer Support Group Discussion: Toxic Relationships and Why You Don't Need Them in your Life
  • Thurs., March 30, 6-7:30 pm         
  • Meditation through Simple Yoga 

Programs are at St. Luke's - Coventry Family Practice 
755 Memorial Parkway, Suite 300, Phillipsburg, NJ  

Call 610-861-7555 to register

Be well, and be mindful that this is Cancer Prevention Month.

Amanda Buss, executive director

Working Out
Most studies show exercise reduces the incidence of many cancers, and, after diagnosis, may improve survivorship and quality of life. For more: National Cancer Institute

Before you start exercising, make sure your healthcare provider gives you medical clearance. Once you have received clearance, design a plan that you enjoy and won’t cause an injury or aggravate an old one.

Are We Really That Shallow? Turns out most of us are not deep belly (or diaphragmatic) breathers. If we were, we’d efficiently fill our lungs to capacity, reduce stress on our heart, oxygenate our blood, and purge stale air from our lungs. Here’s how to breathe right, courtesy of David Nemeroff-Soke-Dai, director and chief instructor at Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy, and Kempo for Adults instructor

Dishing It Out
Eating right before, during, and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. For more: National Cancer Institute

February recipes from Prevention Magazine.
These foods are on the Cancer Prevention Month docket.

Banana-Pecan Breakfast Bars

Italian Vegetable Stir-Fry over Polenta

Did You See This?
Links to important news about cancer.

This month:
The Science of Cancer Prevention (National Cancer Institute 1/12/16).

How to Find Clinical Trials (New York Times 12/23/16).

Getting By
Tips from other survivors and healthcare professionals to make your journey easier.

Valentine’s Day can create angst on many fronts. Now is the time to love yourself, and what you may have become, more than ever.

Here are some sexuality exercises, courtesy of Carole Moretz, RN, Pys.D., to help.

Have a tip? Let us know.

On the Lookout
What's coming up.

If you take Cancer Prevention Month seriously, join the 2017 Strides for Hope training team-–a first-class running/walking winter fitness program. Everyone—no matter your pace—is welcome. Email or call 610-861-7555 ext. 39 for training schedules, cold-weather clothing tips, and a pep talk.

We’ll show you how to train; walk or run; raise money for us; and have fun!

Consider these conferences:

Thriving Together: 2017 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer-April 28-30 (Philadelphia)

Cancer Con 2017-April 27-30 (Denver) Funded by Stupid Cancer in 2008, Cancer Con unites patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates and leading health experts to drive global change

Latest in CRC: Findings from the 2017 ASCO GI Cancers Webinar-Feb. 22, 7-8 pm (Webinar)

For oncology professionals: 14th APOS Annual Conference-Feb. 15-18 (Orlando)

Helping Out
Will you lend a hand?

Every year on February 4, the world's population unites in the fight against cancer by raising awareness and education about the disease, and pressing governments and individuals to take action. Join us in this movement by making a $25 donation on February 4 to help us provide the programs needed so that no one faces cancer alone. 

Hanging Out
What to read, what to do, or what to craft when you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day.

We love

-watching The Crown on Netflix (sumptuous, elegant story of Queen Elizabeth becoming Queen Elizabeth).

-reading Gone with the Wind, Rebecca, and Outlander (epic romances)

-making soothing, yummy peppermint sugar scrubs.

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Foundation & Corporate Supporters—thank you for helping us complete our mission:
to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. We help people affected by cancer actively engage in their health care, connect with others, reduce stress and isolation, and restore hope for a better quality of life.

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